New Beginnings


I’ve decided to open up my very own Etsy shop! I felt that starting a blog along with it would be fun, so I’ll be posting new items added to the shop, current projects, a few pieces of big inspiration, and other projects that I’ve done. For right now, I’m still in the process of getting the shop opened up, so I’ll be posting updates about the progress as well.

So far, I’ve picked a name for the shop (Crochet N’at), registered on Etsy, opened a separate bank account, talked to some graphic design friends about making me a logo, and began storing up on some product and supplies. Once I have a logo, I plan on getting business cards and graphics for the site done up. A lot of steps have taken place in just the past 3 days and it’s been very exciting! I can’t wait to get the shop opened!


Some Previous Projects



I’ve completed many projects in the past, most of which have been given away as presents (thus the quick photo snap with a not so great quality camera phone). One of my earliest projects was a simple chain necklace for my friend, Kate. The pattern was from creativeyarn and can be found here. This was a great easy and quick project for someone just starting out in non-traditional crochet projects.


Christmas was a great chance to try out a lot of projects that I was interested in and needed an excuse to do. I saved a lot of money on Christmas presents and was able to relax while working on the items. It was also a great personal touch which the receivers greatly appreciated. I started out by getting some cheap and discounted yarn at a few different stores and tried to figure out what I could make with the materials. The rainbow slippers were made for my sister, and the idea came from 2createincolor. I was feeling comfortable enough in my own skills at this point to make a few creative alterations from the pattern and made it my own.


My grandmother received the great grey chunky circle scarf from people webs. This was a really fun pattern once you figured out the pattern. I loved it so much, I made myself one in brown! Unfortunately, you aren’t able to see the fantastic texture of the pattern, but you can see it on the original pattern’s website.


More recently, I’ve been making baskets, which I have found to be a lot of fun. My parents are members of the Parrot Head Society, and my mother is in charge of putting together goody baskets which the organization auctions off during their events and the money goes to charity. I was asked to create pink and purple baskets, as they can easily sell items related to breast cancer and the Relay for Life.


The pattern for all of the baskets were my own, but I had done some research and looked at many basket patterns. The most helpful one that I had found was by Crochet in Color and I really enjoy adding in the textured rows that give it some definition. It’s sad that in the picture of the pink basket, you can’t see that there is some sparkly material in the light pink stripes. There was another pink basket and a purple basket made that were very different styles, but I wasn’t able to grab pictures of them before they were handed over to mom.

There has been one more exciting project that I’ve begun, which I’m planning on being a big seller on the Etsy store! I’ll leave that post for later 🙂